Yury Rubel
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May you rest in peace, a nice leader. We will miss you always.

Posted by: Tian Jia - Chongqing, China - coworker   Oct 10, 2018

You've always been a fighter in my mind.

Posted by: Hongbo Gan - Chongqing - coworker   Oct 10, 2018

Yury is always a good friend because of his empressement and frankness to his team no matter where he has been. God will bless you forever.

Posted by: Victor Cheng - Chongqing, PRC. - friend   Oct 10, 2018

He's a great friend, coach and leader. Really appreciated his contribution to the team. May he be peace in heaven.

Posted by: Xiamin Zhang - Chongqing, China - coworker   Oct 10, 2018

Yury is such a good man, big loss to Ford & CAF, rest in peace.

Posted by: Ke Li - Chongqing China - coworker   Oct 10, 2018

It was such a good experience having been working with you in CAF. Rest in peace.

Posted by: Sacha Guo - Chongqing - friend   Oct 10, 2018

A great man and good boss ,Always help and protect us.

Posted by: Pan Zhu - Chengdu - friend   Oct 10, 2018

My boss and teacher for years. My best and most respected old man......

Posted by: Dalin Shen - Chongqing, China - friend   Oct 10, 2018

good leader in CAF! may you rest in heaven

Posted by: chunbo yang - chongqing - coworker   Oct 10, 2018

we miss you ...dear boss

Posted by: Di Li - friend   Oct 10, 2018